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1. There is a rare affliction that strikes a small percentage of new born's. It is called jejunal atresia and is also known as short bowel syndrome or short gut. One of the problems with this disorder is that the child does not get enough nutrition due to the short length of the intestines and it is common that their liver deteriorates. A new drug called Omegaven is experimental in the United States. Omegaven is a variation of fish oil and is absorbed extremely quickly and helps prevent the injury to the liver in some patients with short bowel syndrome.

If you know someone who is afflicted with this disorder and could use information about it then they should visit the web log of a family with a young daughter with jejunal atresia. This blog is

The Short Gut News

The child is named Eleanor Brogan and the parents are Gib and Abigail Brogan and they live in the Boston area and they are helping other parents with similarly afflicted children.

2. A favorite poem The linked poem is called "The Calf Path" or "The Cows's Path." I found it on the wall of a building at the Great Lakes Naval Training Center while stationed there several years ago.