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Lactate Testing - Questions

We find there are many misconceptions about lactate among both athletes and coaches and even in the academic world. This page is an attempt to clarify what is known about lactate, lactate metabolism, lactate testing and its appropriate use in the training of athletes. Within this entire web site there is probably the most detailed discussion of lactate on the internet. The discussion is even more extensive on the Secrets of Lactate CD-ROM.


This is a very extensive discussion. Just like a training plan, it cannot be put into one day. Click on the question below that you are interested in. You will be able to return to this list of questions at any time and go on to another question. Submit your own question and we will try to answer it.

This page will be updated with additional questions and our attempts to answer them. Submit a better answer if you think you can improve on what we have here or if you think you have found a mistake. We want the page to accurately reflect what we believe is correct.

Also send any questions you might have about lactate testing and lactate analyzers and we will try over time to post answers. Some questions we may not be able to answer.