Lactate Testing and Triathlon
Protocols and Examples

The following 13 slides provide details of a testing program for triathletes. This information was written by Jan Olbrecht who is the training adviser to several world class athletes including Luc Van Lierde, holder of the Ironman World Record and also the record at the World Championship in Hawaii.

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Framework for Testing
Introduction to lactate testing protocols.

Types of Tests
Standard or Control tests.

Information provided
Four metabolic variable that affect performance.

Priorities - Which tests are more important.

Test Protocols General Description
What to test in each of the three disciplines.

Test Protocols - Execution
The specifics of protocols for each of the disciplines.

Blood Sampling
Some considerations when testing.

Examples - General Description

Example - Running

Example - Swimming Test 1

Example - Swimming Test 2

Example - Swimming Test 3

Example - Cycling